Home Inspector in San Antonio - Everything you need to know

How to Look at a House

The best Home Inspector in San Antonio and how to Find answers in these articles by professional home inspectors to the most-often-asked home buying questions, this will help you avoid making costly mistakes when you are looking for home Inspections.

How to Select a Home Inspector

Choosing a home inspector is part of the home buying process, a decision that can have a significant impact on your satisfaction with your future home.

The Last Word on Vapor Barriers

Answers to the most common questions about moisture migration through walls and ceilings

Do Not Skip The Inspection


Why you shouldn't even consider skipping it...

We have all heard the story, it usually starts out, “I bought a money pit.” Someone you know bought a house that has done nothing but cost them more and more money. They had to repair the roof, replace the AC and the foundation was uneven. Let’s just face it, sometimes it happens. When it does, it puts you in a risky financial position, you could bleed cash for months or longer if you have the available funds. So how do you protect yourself when it comes to buying a home? The best answer is a home inspection.